IT16 – ISO di Alicia Martin

galleria galica present one of the most significant voices of contemporary Spanish art, Alicia Martin works with photography,  video installations, but above all she creates powerful, imposing sculptures, whirlpools and waterfalls made with thousands of books exploding  out  the windows of the historic and elegant buildings in major cities around the world.

Until 21 September we can see one of her famous “Biografias” project itself into the street from a window of the University of Mons in Belgium, European Capital of Culture in 2015.

Milan was proclaimed “City of the book 2015” and on this occasion Galleria Galica presents within the spaces of the gallery the new series of works by Alicia IT16 and the large site-specific installation “Vortex 1”.
The new series combines photography and installation with the manual intervention of drawing.

IT 16 (ISO) is the quality index which defines the degree of precision in the execution of industrial parts.

There is a range of tolerances that corresponds to the different degrees of precision required in the execution of processes: IT16 corresponds to the lower accuracy while the scale part by IT01 that represents the perfect.
Why IT16? Her new works are moving outside the tolerances allowed, in an unstable equilibrium between action, thought and execution.
The imprecision of the manual  drawing as an expression of the subjective and the error as an idea of ​​tolerance.